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It should be legal because t would open the door for a greater economic opportunity. All of the money being spent on marijuana would be able to leave the black market and enter the open economy. Not to mention many more jobs would be created in order to maintain the shops

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A teenager has to go through a lot in day. Even outside of school there are a lot of things that can stress out a student. Sometimes a student can snap and get stressed out but that doesn't mean they are totally rude. In today's society it's best to not be rude with social media and teenagers know this

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My comfort level in the classroom would not be very high knowing my teacher has a gun in the desk. If the teacher leaves to use the bathroom it would be easy for a student to run up to the desk and grab the gun and shoot us. There would not be any issues trusting my teacher because they work with kids every day. However, if there is a day where they are stressed out and not in a good mood, it wouldn't be very hard to get them mad and have them freak out and shoot us.

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