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It's Murder It's A Choice
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Abortion: Murder or Parent's Choice

It's Murder

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It's A Choice

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Abortion is murder. Even though the baby is not born yet, it is still alive in the womb of the mother. It should be considered murder.

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Abortion is murder, plain and simple. No matter how you put it, you are killing a child. A parent should never make the choice to take the life of their child. It is murder.

Side: It's Murder
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it is defenitly murder. Some people have the argument that it's ok if the fetus doesn't have a heartbeat yet, but killing something that was in the process of forming a life is still murder.

Side: It's Murder
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It's a choice. A child being aborted before it's even able to think, feel, or remember anything isn't murder. The abortion saves that child from starting a life where the parents weren't sure if they truly wanted the child.

Side: It's A Choice
Purplehawk(12) Disputed
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So killing the child is supposed to save it? What about adoption options? Killing a child won't solve any problems. Studies show also that the child can feel pain while being aborted, it is a person. Killing a child can only make this worse for everyone else.

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If you were an12 year old girl who had been brutally raped and gotten pregnant would you want to have that child? Would you be ready for a child? Would you want to be reminded about that horrific accident for the rest of your life?

Side: It's A Choice