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 Are gamers becoming the majority (1)

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Are gamers becoming the majority

the gamer community was once a small minority. Is it now growing to be a majority of our society?
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The question itself is flawed. What is meant by the majority? There have always been and always will be a tremendous number of students who play video games. There were the arcades of the 70s, the Super Nintendos of the 80s and the PlayStations of the 90s. Gamers have always been a part of the culture. Whether they are the the majority is a moot point. The fact that through gaming Americans can see the way people communicate is the really interesting factor. Americans went from face-to-face contact with their friends with PacMan at an arcade to now communicating via telecommunication to play Halo.

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to clarify they have existed for a long time but for a majority of that time they have been discriminated against. Now days the gamers have been seen in less of a negative light and more in a positive light.