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Should Standing Up for the Pledge of Alligence be mandatory?

Should we require people to stand up for the pledge? Why or why not?

Yes of course!

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No way!

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All students are going to school is a free country. Taking 20 seconds out of the day to stand and recite the pledge of allegiance is the least we can do. This will not hurt anybody and should be mandatory

Side: Yes of course!
Jesus_Toast(5) Disputed
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Being told to stand is just a way of taking away a freedom. The freedom to express yourself in a way that you like. Not just a simple twenty second no biggie, it's is taking away freedom

Side: No way!
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This country gives you free education. You should have to stand up in school to honor your country. There are soldiers out there that are risking their lives for your freedom. Respect it.

Side: Yes of course!
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No, what about being forced to stand even remotely resembles freedom? The flag is supposed to be a sign of nation the freedom which it is proud of. Do we really have freedom if we are made to do anything?

Side: No way!
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No it is a choice. You should get to decide for yourself whether you want to follow the crowds in a ritual that has almost all but lost it's meaning.

Side: No way!