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RSS Purplehawk

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1 point

So killing the child is supposed to save it? What about adoption options? Killing a child won't solve any problems. Studies show also that the child can feel pain while being aborted, it is a person. Killing a child can only make this worse for everyone else.

1 point

The drinking age should not be lowered. Kids are physically not and mentally not mature enough to drink alcohol until 21. This is hurting your brain and your maturing level. The legal drinking age should remain at 21.

Purplehawk(12) Clarified
1 point

The only reason why schools get into the alcohol issue is if students are in sports. Students signed off on the MSHSL stating that you won't use alcohol during a season and if they do this, the school should give consequences.

1 point

Abortion is murder, plain and simple. No matter how you put it, you are killing a child. A parent should never make the choice to take the life of their child. It is murder.

1 point

Everybody deals with stress, not just teenagers. Teenagers need to learn how to deal with it. Everybody is rude, teenagers and adults included.

1 point

Bullying progress can open the eyes of students to see what the issues and consequences of bullying is. Hearing the stories of people who have been bullied can help make it so the bullying stops.

1 point

If teachers are allowed to bring guns to school we are increasing the chances of a horrific event. If we place these guns in a school building, it just increases the chance of a school shooting.

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