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1 point

This country gives you free education. You should have to stand up in school to honor your country. There are soldiers out there that are risking their lives for your freedom. Respect it.

1 point

Stalking them on social media, and monitoring what they do during the summer. Why should the school be monitoring what im doing in the summer? Thats none of their buisness. The school faculty is not my "parent" i can choose to do what i want during the summer and post what i want on social media without having to be called down to the office and get questioned for it.

1 point

If you were an12 year old girl who had been brutally raped and gotten pregnant would you want to have that child? Would you be ready for a child? Would you want to be reminded about that horrific accident for the rest of your life?

1 point

Yes. There would be less underage drinking. Students already drink alcohol illegally anyways.

1 point

They already have enough consequences. Schools should not be getting into students personal lives. If a student chooses to use alcohol that is he or shes parents problem. Schools now days are getting into students personal lives way to much

1 point

If a person came to the school with the intention of shooting kids there would be deaths. A teacher with a gun is not going to prevent school shooting from happening. Teachers should for sure have tontake a class on how to use a gun

1 point

There are a million bullying programs in schools around the world. Bullying has been a huge issue in the US for many years and it hasnt slowed down yet. Obviously bullying programs have not cut down on bullying enough

1 point

Teenagers have tons of stress and responsibilities. Being rude might just be a stress oriented thing. Adults put to much pressure on teens

1 point

Some teachers would not feel comfortable or even know how to use a gun.

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